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Item #912/6- Liners
Available Colors:
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91201-White     91202-Frosty  91203- Almond    91204- Black    91205- Blue          91206- Sage

91200- clear       91208- Pink        91209- Gold   

91600-      91601-       91603         91604-         91606-              91605-                91608-                91609-                91610-                  91611-                 91613-           91614-
 Clear       White         Biege         Black             Sage                  Blue                     Pink                   Gold                Chocolate              Coffee              Lt. Gold            Brick     

                   91207- Burgundy
                   91607- Burgundy

*Please note Shipping charges are not specified here and are applied separately dependant on the shipping location.

*There is a minimum $500 order amount.

-Contact our Customer Counterpart Station to find out more! 
​Products with many functions are one of the hallmarks of Topcare Products, so it should come as no surprise that our Liners can be used in many ways. Use them as Liners to add some heaviness to your shower curtains so that they don't flap around or use them as a shower curtain on its own for the simple classier look.
​-Metal Grommets will not rip or tear to add durability
- A multitude of colors and thickness types to ensure your customers can find what they are looking for.
- Strong durable vinyl material is water resistance and earth friendly
 *916- 4G Liner- $52.80/48 pieces (1 Case)
                                     $1.10 per piece
 *912- 8G Heavy Liner- $54/24 pieces (1 Case)
                                                      $2.25 per piece