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Item #862- Beaded Curtain
*Please note Shipping charges are not specified here and are applied separately dependant on the shipping location.

*There is a minimum $500 order amount.

-Contact our Customer Counterpart Station to find out more! 

* 862- Open Beaded Curtain- $60.00/ 10 pieces (1 Case)
                                                     $6.00 per piece             
* 863- Full Beaded Curtain-  $65.00/ 10 pieces (1 Case)
                                                      $6.50 per piece
Available Styles:
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862                                                                                                                        863
​         86201         86202         86203                                       86302              86303


Summer is perhaps the best time of the year, the sand in your toes, sun on your face and wind in your hair are all feelings that are hard to replicate. However, at Topcare Products we believe that those summer feelings should be enjoyed all year round, that's why we created our beaded curtain line. Made of wooden beads painted in bright summer colors and design meant to invoke the movement of the waves from Jamaica to the Bahamas, sit back in your home and feel like your on the beach even if there are 15" of snow outside! 

- Heavy wooden beads and strong tension coils are extremely durable
- 36" in length and 72" wide to ensure that this curtain will fit in any doorway or opening.
- Bright colors and designs to give your room a laid back feeling.