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Item #836- Embroidered Soft Seat
Providing a twist to Topcare's Clean Soft Seat line, Topcare's Embroidered Soft Seats add a touch of elegance and class to an already top quality Toilet Seat. Each embroidered design is created uniquely to match the color of the Toilet Seat so that this seat can be the elegant fashion statement it was designed to be.

- 3.5" thick high density foam 
- Vinyl covering provides a soft and durable feel
- Easy to use Plastic hinges with easy to use screws and directions for quick installation.
-Refined and Elegant Embroidery work on each seat stitched into the vinyl cover so it will never wear or fade away. 

$24.50/6 pieces (1 Case)

 *Please note Shipping Charges are not specified here and are applied separately dependant on the shipping location.

*There is a minimum $500 order amount.

-Contact our Customer Counterpart Station to find out more! 
Available Colors:
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   83601- White
  83604- Black



                     83602- Blue

83610- Pink      83605- Sage        83607- Burg.    83609- Grey