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Item #55/9/60-5/ Fancy Iron Curtain Rods
Iron Curtain Rods are one of the often underrated parts of a elegant home, the proper Iron Rod can enhance a beautiful window curtain and add a regal touch to any window. With this in mind Topcare Products' design studio has done everything possible to create finial designs that are elegant yet durable. This is why we chose Iron as our primary material. These light yet sturdy Iron Rods will give your customers the added little touch their windows have been missing.  
- Our Iron curtain rods are made of Iron ensuring that they are tough, durable and strong enough to handle even the heaviest window curtains.
- These rods are available in 3 distinct sizes so that they can fit any window setting.
-  3 distinct Iron finial designs will ensure that every style your customer could possibly want is going to be covered!

* Small Size (28x48)- $45.50/ 10 pieces (1 Case)
   Medium Size (48x 86)- $55.50/ 10 pieces (1 Case)
   Large Size (70x 120)- $39/ 6 pieces (1 Case)   

*Please note Shipping charges are not specified here and are applied separately dependant on the shipping location.

*There is a minimum $500 order amount.

-Contact our Customer Counterpart Station to find out more! 

Available Colors/Styles:
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Style #554


Small- 55411

Medium- 55412

Large- 55413


Small- 55421

Medium- 55422

Style #552


Small- 55211

Medium- 55212

Large- 55213


Small- 55221

Medium- 55222

Style #552


Small- 55311

Medium- 55312

Large- 55313


Small- 55321

Medium- 55322