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Item #543- Cafe Rods
Cafe Rods are a necessary part of any retailers inventory stock  in order to keep customers happy. At Topcare we understand how difficult it can be to keep consumers happy so we will not rest until our customers are happy. With that in mind we developed our Cafe Rods. Offered in 4 different sizes so that all your customer's needs can be met and with two beautiful colors we know you'll be happy because your customers will be happy! 

- These Simple Rods allow home owners an easy to use product to install curtains anywhere they wish!
- Elegant caps and colors add a touch of class to a room
- Sturdy built light metal will not bend crack or break!

*Please note Shipping charges are not specified here and are applied separately dependant on the shipping location.

*There is a minimum $500 order amount.

-Contact our Customer Counterpart Station to find out more! 

Small Sizes (28 x 48)              Medium Sizes (48 x 84)              Large Sizes (66 x 120)

54331- Gold/White                               54332- Gold/White                                  54313- Gold/White
$31.25/25 pieces (1 Case)    $33.75/ 25 pieces ( 1 Case)         $55.00/ 10 pieces (1 Case)
$1.25 per piece                        $1.35 per piece                              $5.50 per piece
                                                X-Large Sizes 86 x 150)
​ 54314- Gold/White                         
$75.00/ 10 pieces ( 1 Case)
$7.50 per piece                                                                                                                  

Available Colors:
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