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Item #540- Tension Rods
​A Tension Rod is one of those items that comes in handy very often. Ask your customers or yourselves the following question: "Do you have a space in between two walls that would be a perfect place to hang some jackets or clothes?" Well Topcare Products has your answer! Our high quality Tension Rods! Special springs will help keep this rod from ever falling, simply slide the rod against both walls. Easy and quick! 

- Our tension rods are made of stainless steel ensuring that they are tough, durable and strong enough to handle even the heaviest shower curtains.
- These rods are available in two sizes so that they can easily fit into any type of wall opening space, including corners!
-  Special spring loaded interiors and rubber caps ensure these rods will go into your walls easily and without scratching or chipping the paint on your walls!

*Please note Shipping charges are not specified here and are applied separately dependant on the shipping location.

*There is a minimum $500 order amount.

-Contact our Customer Counterpart Station to find out more! 

54011- Small (28 x 48)- $43.75/ 25 pieces (1 Case)
                                             $1.75 per piece

54012- Medium (48 x 84)- $62.50/ 25 pieces (1 Case) 
                                                  $2.50 per piece